SkyDrive Business
SkyDrive Business


Business class cars are very spacious machines
with modern equipment and high level of comfort.
Usually it sedans, but there may be and other
body designs.

SkyDrive Premium
SkyDrive Premium


The concept of Premium usually refers to the
automotive brand as a whole. It's always the
most expensive models in its segment, with
increased level of comfort.

SkyDrive Luxe
SkyDrive Luxe


Luxury cars are usually called cars, possessing
a very powerful engine, exclusive interior and
extravagant appearance. These cars are aimed at
maximum comfort for the passenger.

Additional services
Escort of delegations Escort of delegations
Long distance trip Long distance trip
Weddings service Weddings service
Auto babysitting Auto babysitting
Cashless payments Cashless payments
Sober driver Sober driver
Hourly taxi order Hourly taxi order
Courier services Courier services
  • Prestige
    Prestige Ride with our company will emphasize your status
  • Punctuality and responsibility
    Punctuality and responsibility Guaranteed and timely drive up to the door
  • Comfort and <br/> safety
    Comfort and
    safety Modern cars
  • Professionalism
    Professionalism Experienced drivers
We offer cooperation
  • Driving license category B, good grasp of the city.
  • Driving experience – from 3 years.
  • Good appearance and technical condition of the vehicle.
  • Availability of a mobile device based on Android.


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