SkyDrive Luxe
    • Minimal order (2 hours):1200 UAH
    • Price per km:25 UAH
    • Idle per min:5,0 UAH
    • Hourly rate:600 UAH

Calculating the cost of a taxi fare SkyDrive Luxe in Kharkov

The taxi service «SkyDrive» offers customers the VIP-service at a fair price. Calling the car luxury class we have, you see, what you pay for. At the same time you can preset calculate the cost of a taxi (Kharkiv) by using the help of an operator or tariffs on the site.

Taxi Kharkov «SkyDrive»: peculiarities of calculating the cost

Luxury car - a special class of vehicles designed for special occasions and important meetings. Rich carpark of vehicles offers its customers our company. We work only for a transparent price policy, so that all pricing points (minimal order, the cost of a kilometer and downtime, hourly pay) specify in advance on the website. In addition, each of our clients up to date with, how and for what happens cost calculation taxi Kharkiv. Ride a luxury car from the «SkyDrive» means:

  1. Availability of adequate skilled driver. Employees of the company will emphasize your status and image, professionally delivering the important business partners in the appointed place. Safety and speed, comfort and perfect knowledge of the route - it will guarantee our drivers.
  2. Operational order processing. Calculating the cost of a taxi Kharkiv occurs very quickly after the call to the operator or the registration of the application on the website, and after 10-15 minutes the machine waits for the client.
  3. The perfect technical condition of the car. Unfortunately, we have nothing to offer the admirers of "legendary" Soviet car industry. But fans of high-quality, attractive, comfortable, and status cars will like the trip from «SkyDrive» very much.

Urgent need to book a taxi Kharkov? Calculate the value and choose the appropriate option, you can by yourself or by calling the phone numbers listed on the website. Do not lose the opportunity to ride with the wind in a car, that meets your expectations!

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