Cashless payments

The rapid development of high technologies and conduct of online financial transactions has enabled consumers to pay for the acquired benefits by bank card. Such form of payment is extremely popular among the public: first, the customer no longer needs a huge amount of bills, if will have a large shopping; Secondly, it is possible to remotely pay for the acquisition or use of the service, not even being in the shop or office physically. The widespread use of bank cards has found its use in paying for purchases in ordinary and online stores, many establishments offering various services. Moreover, now you can even take a taxi by bank transfer.

Taking care of its customers, SkyDrive taxi service also provides the option to pay by bank transfer. This is much easier than counting the bills and expect the change in the conditions, when you are in a hurry for a meeting, and every minute counts. To carry out taxi cashless payments also preferable for those clients who are accustomed to the use of the bank card and do not always have cash in the right quantity.

Besides, the customer can order a taxi with a check, but it is worth pre-notify the manager when ordering, or activate the "check for the trip" if you use a mobile application for ordering a taxi via the Internet. This service will be useful in the case where, for example, a person must submit a report on the document spent on a corporate transport means, and because not every taxi company ready to offer a taxi with a check.

Why should you take a taxi by cashless settlement from SkyDrive?

The main features of the SkyDrive company's employees work are respect of personal time and space to their customers, as well as concern for the comfort and safety on the road. That is why we have staff consist of only experienced drivers with a high level of professionalism, excellent knowing of Kharkov roads. All vehicles undergo regular inspection and are in perfect condition, allowing passengers inside the car of premium class dive into the atmosphere of peace and to differentiate themselves from the bustling and noisy city. For greater passenger convenience we provide a taxi by bank transfer, you will appreciate.