Auto babysitting

An auto-babysitter is not just a driver who carries your children, but he brings them to the door of the school and hand them over to the security guard in person. The driver will also pick up your children after school and hand them over to the parents as well.

Nowadays modern parents encounter a million of small worries and serious problems every day. How in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to find enough time to devote all the necessary care and attention to their kiddies – it’s not quite easy to answer. What to do if you are working around the clock, and grandparents are not near? Your dear child should be carried to the kindergarten or school, taken back and quickly transported to a class of drawing, music or football? If you do not have enough time or a personal car, SkyDrive Taxi offers a unique service the Taxi for the Child.

The service "Auto-Babysitter " is a completely safe way to get your little kid to the destination without being accompanied by mom or dad. Our experienced drivers will quickly and comfortably bring your kid to the kindergarten, school or art school, and will make sure that your son or daughter are handed over right to the security guard or educator. Pre-book a Taxi Nanny in Kharkov in our service, and we will provide a comfortable seat for transportation of the littlest as well as some toys that are suitable for the age and sex of the kid.

How to organize a trip for your kid without an adult’s company? To do this, you should call our dispatcher service and inform the exact addresses of departure and destination, as well as the time at which the child should be delivered. Our manager will estimate the time and cost of a taxi ride, and the driver will arrive at the specified address just in time. You may order a taxi in Kharkov for your child in advance, that is even in a week before the required date. Moreover, you may request that you will be assigned the same specific car, or agree to a car that will be determined for you by the dispatcher. The parents will be informed about the arrival of the child at the destination safe and sound by a taxi dispatcher of SkyDrive Taxi. With us, your children will always be in complete safety!

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