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SkyDrive Business
SkyDrive Business

SkyDrive Business

Business class cars are very spacious machines
with modern equipment and high level of comfort.
Usually it sedans, but there may be and other
body designs.

SkyDrive Premium
SkyDrive Premium

SkyDrive Premium

The concept of Premium usually refers to the
automotive brand as a whole. It's always the
most expensive models in its segment, with
increased level of comfort.

SkyDrive Luxe
SkyDrive Luxe

SkyDrive Luxe

Luxury cars are usually called cars, possessing
a very powerful engine, exclusive interior and
extravagant appearance. These cars are aimed at
maximum comfort for the passenger.

Bonus program Accumulate bonuses and pay them for the trip!
action-img The «SkyDrive» business class taxi service provides a progressive discount to all its clients. In the implementation of the first order, the client opens a virtual bonus account, which we receive 5% of the cost of each trip. If the amount of initially calculated route has increased due to its unplanned change or it was an inactivity, the bonuses will be accrue to the new, higher amount. Bonus account is tied to your phone number.

You be able to pay the accumulated funds partially or fully already on the next trip. Paying by bonus for the trip , the travel costs are also charged a bonus of 5%. After each trip, the client receives information SMS - messages, which contains the accumulated amount of bonuses.

If you change your mobile phone number, you can transfer the bonus account to the new phone number, ask for "SkyDrive" taxi administration.
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Why “SkyDrive”?
  • Prestige
    Prestige Ride with our company will emphasize your status
  • Punctuality and responsibility
    Punctuality and responsibility Guaranteed and timely drive up to the door
  • Comfort and <br/> safety
    Comfort and
    safety Modern cars
  • Professionalism
    Professionalism Experienced drivers
Personal driver for everyone! More
We offer cooperation
  • Driving license category B, good grasp of the city.
  • Driving experience – from 3 years.
  • Good appearance and technical condition of the vehicle.
  • Availability of a mobile device based on Android.


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VIP taxi service in Kharkov - SkyDrive

In the metropolis life goes with an incredibly high speed: millions of people, like in a large anthill, try to get in time for study, work, a business meeting or training – to places that may be located substantially far away from the place of residence. An intensive flow of cars and trucks do not always allow to get to your destination on time. Kharkov is just like other noisy megacities, where every minute of your time is extraordinarily precious. How to get out to those who do not like to be late? Who does not tolerate public transportation? Who does not have a personal car? The solution is simple: to order the most prestigious taxi in Kharkov at SkyDrive Taxi! With us you won’t miss a single important for you meeting or event, and your reputation will not be ruined by being late!

Why the Taxi Service SkyDrive in Kharkov? Because our fleet includes premium-class cars exclusively. The car brands of Toyota, Lexus and Mercedes are internationally recognized as safest passenger cars among other brands. If you want to forget about the hectic surrounding at least for half an hour, to sit in a comfortable salon of the car and to arrive at the destination on time, then our vehicle fleet is at your disposal. Without an exception, all cars are in top condition, which is evident from their appearance and performance. You can book a taxi of high class in Kharkov and at an affordable price, and in return we will take care of your safety and reputation! Our premium taxi service in Kharkov will ensure your prestige, because with our cars no one will ever even think that you have come in an ordered car.

The second argument in the favor of our service is the fact that only highly skilled Kharkov taxi drivers with huge work experience behind the wheel work with SkyDrive Taxi (Kharkiv). Moreover, most of them have a commercial driver license, which undoubtedly is their advantage as well. Experienced experts in their field will not let you doubt their professionalism even for a moment, because they know our city like the five fingers! Our drivers shouldn’t be called "taxi drivers" as they are personal drivers who will take every effort to make your ride with our taxi service as rapid, safe and comfortable as possible! We appreciate your time, so our dispatchers will make sure that the taxi will arrive on time. Our taxi will take you to the airport, train station or any other destination in Kharkov on any time.

What other services, in addition to delivering clients around the city can be provided for you by our VIP taxi service in Kharkov? If you are busy at work all day long and you aren’t able to pick up your kid from the kindergarten or school, we are ready to provide you with the service "Auto- babysitter." Our professional drivers will make sure that transportation of your child without parents will be as safe and comfortable as possible. In the car your child will never be bored, because we can always provide a couple of suitable toys for kids of all ages. Well, if you want your wedding event to be held at the highest level, you are welcome to order a taxi in Kharkov for a wedding ceremony from the service SkyDrive Taxi. In our car park you will find vehicles that are perfectly suitable for a wedding procession, and which will adorn the ceremony! We can help you find the best car for the groom and for the bride. In addition, our elite taxi in Kharkov provides cars for escort of delegations and organization of long-distance transportation. Learn more about the tariffs on the website of SkyDrive. Also you can book taxi online in our website or call our dispatchers using the phone numbers: +38 (067)-974-77-79 +38 (066)-765-11- 77, +38 (063)-511-77-17.

Have a nice taxi ride!